Don’t mind me


It’s spring and a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to blogging. This is a fresh start after blogging somewhere else at varying intensities for five years. I got rather bored with that blog, and life happened and I didn’t know what it was all about anymore. So after almost a year’s absence from the blogosphere, I’m back, slightly older and more foolish. I am still trying to create a decent life for myself and my family in this spot of forest and garden just outside a little town in Eastern Ontario.

I walk quite a bit in the little woods behind my house. When I walk, I sometimes notice pretty things, or ugly things, or signs that some other creature inhabits the space also. All this noticing makes me feel insignificant, or hulking, or awestruck, or annoyed and a lot of other things too. For some reason, I feel like sharing those feelings and observations with strangers on the internet. I hope we won’t be strangers for long.

At my old blog, I had a habit of slipping into rant mode from time to time, and I can’t promise I won’t do the same here. I hate it when I get all preachy, and especially when it sounds like I’m trying to tell people what they should do. Sometimes things just piss me off, though. So bear with me, and call me out if I start to sound like a high school vice-principal.

Things are a little bare around the blog right now. I plan to hang a few things on the walls and bring in some plants and a comfy chair and maybe even a facebook page too.


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