Of birds and bees

A few observations on the local goings on:

Mallards frolicking: this morning I spied a pair of Mallard ducks doing the wild thing in our pond. I didn’t capture a picture because I was too busy watching them and well, once those images get onto the internet you can never get them back, right?


Bees being: the big cedar in our woods is once again occupied by a hive of feral bees. I’m going to feel warm and fuzzy from that discovery for a long time. I doubt that it is the perfect location for them, but it does my heart good to see wild bees.


Chicken brooding: Penny, our sometimes broody hen, has started sitting on eggs and will not be deterred. A couple of days ago, I set up the portable coop as a home for unwed chickens and stuck an egg in there for Penny to sit on. This morning I picked up 4 fertilized eggs from a friend and now she is brooding them for all she is worth. It is quite an ordeal to spend 23 3/4 hours per day for 3 weeks in a nest, but she was successful last year, and I anticipate that she will be this year as well. I’ve marked July 3rd in the calendar as hatch day. Six weeks after that, around August 14, Penny will leave the chicks to their own devices and join the rest of the flock as though nothing had happened. There will be much chick cuteness around here this summer.


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