New bees

On Saturday, Luc and I drove down to Portland to pick up a nuc (nucleus beehive in a cardboard box) from Debbie Hutchings of Debbee’s Bees. It was positively loaded with bees and brood and they moved into the hive with no trouble. We have a Tanzanian top bar hive, which is a little different from the typical top bar hive in that it has straight sides. This allows us to install the bees and their brood and honey into the hive by simply transferring the frames directly into the top bar hive, as is done with a conventional hive.

Debbie is a chemical free beekeeper, raising bees that are descendant from bees her great grandfather brought from England in the mid 1800s. The bees are very gentle and rarely sting (except Meg, our black and white border collie, who may just resemble a skunk a little too much).

With all the distressing news about bees lately, it’s positively therapeutic to simply sit and watch them come and go. The hive is right in the garden this year, so I can do my veggie and bee admiring all at the same time.


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