Gold fish and green plant grow op.

So this is my latest project. I’m setting up an aquaponics garden in the basement and I’m very excited about it. Aquaponics uses water from a fish tank to fertilize plants. The plants take up the nutrients in the fish waste that would otherwise pollute the fish tank, resulting in clean water for the fish and nutrient-rich water for the plants.

There is a 100 gallon stock tank that will hold a dozen or so goldfish, 2 50 gallon stock tanks that will hold the growing media and all the plants, and another 50 gallon tank that will be the sump tank, containing the pump that will distribute water to the entire system.

This is a pretty big indoor setup, and the learning curve is pretty steep, but I’ve been enjoying the research and planning phase. The next step is to assemble the components and test everything before installing plants and fish. I’ll be posting pictures as I go.



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