Aquaponics Garden Part 1 – Ready to assemble


It’s taking a little longer than expected (first rule of project management – it will take twice as long as you think) and costing a bit more (second rule of project management – it will cost twice as much as you think), but the aquaponics project is ready to put together. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at all these bits and think about all the little things that need to be done to them to herd them into some kind of order. I’ve spent lots of time on websites and youtube, and reading aquaponics books, but I’ve never actually seen a system in operation in real life. I am not following any specific plans, but I’m not straying far from some that I’ve seen. Inevitably, I will figure out better ways of doing things, but with the naive confidence of a complete novice I think I’m on the right track.

The shopping has been interesting. I bought the stock tanks at a farm store, the expanded clay grow media at a hydroponics store, a bunch of stuff like a heater, grow lights, a water pump, and an air pump on Amazon, some more grow media from a guy on kijiji, and a bunch of plumbing bits and various hardware stores in the area. If my recent browsing history hasn’t put me on some kind of watch list, my purchases surely have.

Tomorrow we (oh yeah, I’ve enlisted some very competent help for this project – I even had the foresight to marry him 23 years ago, so he’s kind of stuck with it) start putting it all together. We’ll be assembling a couple of bell siphons, which I’ll explain in a future post, but which use the laws of physics in a way that I’m eager to see in operation. Luckily we live only a couple of kilometers from a well-equipped hardware store, so if it turns out my shopping list was incomplete we should be able to get what we need without having to mount a huge expedition.


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